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A poorly maintained irrigation system means much of the water used by your system never reaches its intended location.  The water to runoff, evaporation and watering below the root zone.leaking irrigation system

Contact Us - We Can Diagnose & Repair Your Irrigation System

The best way to keep your irrigation system running effeciently is to maintain it.  You will reduce run-off polution and improve plan health.

At a minimum, check the system two times a year.   The best timeframe is to check on a monthly basis.

Basics of irrigation maintenance includes:

As the temperatures warm and the lawn grows, now is the time to check your automatic sprinkler system. 
Just a few steps will help save water, money and your time. Automatic Garden Irrigation
Start the watering season with a few tips:

Check the controls

Check of the controls and programs, including the timer, be sure the time and date is accurate.  Replace the battery in the controller.

One thing that's predictable about the weather in January is that it is unpredictable.winter lawn watering in florida

Cycles of  moderate temperatures, rain and cold fronts are common. Even though most of our lawns have gone dormant, some care is needed especially to prevent stress from the constantly changing weather. 

retreat 2In partnership with our sister company, All Brevard Hot Tubs, we sell the Nordic brand of Hot Tubs. We also service all brands of other hot tubs such as Vita, Hot Springs, Leisure Bay and others. All Brevard Hot Tubs is the only hot tub store in Brevard County that has an in-house state licensed pool/spa contractor trained to work on hot tubs. The new year is here and the all new Nordic Line-Up is here too. All our tubs have a LIFETIME Warranty on the tub shell, the best in the industry and ten years on the PermaWood Cabinet. Stop by to see our Floor Models.

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Why pay a pool cleaner monthly?

With the addition of the right pool equipment you may be able to do away with that $90.00 or more a month you pay your pool service. These days it would be nice to keep some of that hard earned money in your pocket.


Total Horsepower - The True Horsepower Story that Clears Up Full Rated, Up-Rated Confusion

Have you ever wondered about the differences between full rate and up-rated motor designations?  No worries because while these designations have led to a decades old mystery of sorts confusing even the most experienced and knowledgeable distribution, retail, and installation professionals, the remedy is quite simple.
Instead of being treated to such classic yet equally vacuous answers “It’s always been that way,” or “Who knows,” a simple equation for determining total horsepower (THP), or true horsepower, will equip you to easily discern between the ratings and make substitutions without hesitation.  

Clean your filter

One type of service call we get is for a lack of pressure from the sprinkler heads. On many of the calls the problem turns out to be a clogged filter. On free flowing deep wells there must be a filter installed before the pump, in-line from the well. This filter traps small particles of sand and other debris that come from the coquina rock that the wells are drilled through. Once the mesh of the filter becomes clogged it is difficult at best for the water to pass through the filter element.
Most deep wells are drilled anywhere from 200-300 feet deep and tap into the aquifer that runs the entire length of the state like an underground river. If you have been to places like Ginny Springs, Florida Springs or Weeki Wachee springs you have seen the water from this aquifer that has passed through cracks in the coquina cap and rises up to the surface.
Up through the drill hole however this debris can foul sprinkler heads and can also cause premature failure of internal pump parts typically the impeller and diffuser. This is why an in-line filter is a must. If your well is collapsing internally there may be so much sand and shell it may be necessary to clean the filter between each sprinkler cycle. At this point you have no other option than to have another well drilled as the coquina rock is falling apart within the drill hole or the well casing has broken.

    As of March 2013 the Pentair IntelliPro and IntelliFlo line of variable speed pool pumps has been awarded the Energy Star Compliant Rating. We are very excited about this new rating as it means that the savings to the customer in electricity usage has been validated. Our customers are saving up to 90% on their electric bill by using one of these pumps compared to a single speed pool pump. Stop by our shop to see one today.

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